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Whenever you have a tree removed in West Goshen, we recommend having the stump taken away completely as well. Stump removal can be a tedious and trying project to tackle on your own. The roots of a tree can spread many feet beyond the trunk itself, and bore deeply into the ground. A stump that is not removed professionally, with a grinder or other equipment can mean hours of labor for you and an unsightly hole in your yard when you are done.

Why go through the hassle and not just leave the stump?

A stump in your yard is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also attracts all sorts of wood-loving insects including termites, as the tree remnant takes years to rot away. These insects may be fine in your yard, but may spread to your house, causing an infestation and costly damage to repair, not to mention an extermination, inconveniencing you in your own West Goshen home. Stumps can also pose hazards for children playing in a yard, take up space, and are a constant obstacle when you weed or mow. Finally, stumps can also foster the growth of new trees, causing further nuisance for many years to come.

With our stump removal services, we bring our 30+ years of expertise along with our professional team and industry-standard equipment. We make it as quick and painless for you as can be, respecting both your time and your wallet. If there is an eyesore of a stump in your yard, call us today for a free estimate.

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